Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our Road Trip to Indiana

After the last time we drove to Indiana in 2009 we swore we would never drive back there again.  With the price of gas being lower this spring and with our local airport being closed for repaving we figured driving back again this year made the most sense.

We left the morning of May 9th and headed for Boise, ID.  We always think of driving through eastern Oregon as being so boring, but there really is a lot of beauty out there.

We spent our first night in Boise with friends Rich & Diane Graber and daughters Syd & Lexi.

The next morning, May 10th we drove to Utah and went through a rain storm shortly after crossing the border.

It cleared up again after about 30 minutes.

For some reason chocolate milkshakes make a road trip seem better.

We spent that night in Salt Lake City with Antarctic friend Cary Marger.  Cary showed us around the city, which included a visit to the state capital building.

Kelly & Cary checking out the artwork in the rotunda.

Looking up in the rotunda.

 View of the Wasatch Mountains from the steps of the capital building.

There was this nice walk we did near the capital building.

Cary & Dave showing the funky labels on their 2 Row Brewing beer bottles.

On our way to Denver the next morning we made a quick side trip down to Arches National Park.  It took about three extra hour to do this trip but it was worth it.

Here are some photos we took during our quick visit to Arches.

After a lot of driving around we finally found some arches.

Kelly had never been on I70 through Colorado before.  Even though this was one of our longest days driving the beautiful scenery made it worth every mile.

The Colorado River along I70.

The westbound lane is elevated along parts of the interstate.

There was still plenty of snow around Vail pass.

We spent that night in Denver with Antarctic friends Alex & Liz.

 Julie Raine joined us that evening for dinner.

The next morning, May 11th we drove to Hasting, NE.

Singing along to the Sirus/XM 70's channel helped to pass the time.

We spent that night with Dave's college friends Michele and Steve Bever.

Friday morning we drove through Iowa to Mt. Morris, IL where we spent the weekend with Dave's brother & sister-in-law Steve & Ginny.

Dave & Steve

Saturday we had lunch with Dave's college friend Robin Thompson.

 Sunday afternoon we reached Mom Haney's house in Indiana.

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