Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back Home For April & the Beginning of May

One of the first orders of business after getting back home was for Kelly to get a haircut.  Dave loves to go along since Kelly's barber serves free beer!

Enjoying some beers at 10 Barrel and some nice weather for April 2nd.

April 6th we made the decision to buy paddle boards from Stand On Liquid.

Dave's is on the left and Kelly's on the right.

When we got home we started right back in to Crossfit.

Dave doing wall ball shots.

It always kicks our butts, but it's even worse when we start out again after returning home.

April 9th we met up with friends at the Northwest Crossing's Spring Festival.  Here's Cory, Stretch, Carol, Jason, Kelly & Chris.

Later that evening with Cory.

5 days later we woke up to this.  It didn't last long, but a reminder that winter weather is never far away.

The next day we enjoyed a post workout gathering with Crossfit friends Megan, Terry & Amy at Jackson's Corner.

Two days later we loaded up our boards and went to enjoy some time on the river.

Pretty unusual for it to be 80 degrees in early April.

We were joined on the river that day by Brandon.

Two days after paddle boarding we were on a walk and got caught in a thunderstorm.  Here's Kelly getting hailed on trying to figure out who he could call to come get us.  The hail was pretty large and we were 2 miles from home.

We ended up walking/running all the way home.  This is our drenched selfie.

Enjoying a nice afternoon at Atlas Cider Company.

The end of April our friend Kendall came to Bend for a visit.

We took Kendall up to Smith Rock the next day for a nice hike along the river.

For Kelly's birthday on May 5th the day started out by going to Crossfit.  Dave made flourless chocolate cookies for everyone to enjoy after the WOD.

Here's the Crossfit group that morning.

That afternoon we went to Atlas for a few ciders

That evening we had dinner at The Row where Donnie made us some special margaritas!

Mom & Dad Cheek came down for Mother's Day weekend.  They always like to go to Crux for lunch while they're in town.

Kelly made biscuits & gravy for Mother's Day brunch and Dave made special drinks.

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