Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Annual Thaw Out Trip To Puerto Vallarta

We were up early at 3:15 am on the morning of Friday March 11th to catch our first of two flights to PV.  We arrived at 2:30 pm to a gorgeous sunny day.

We took a walk down to the pier that afternoon.

The view of the beach looking south.

Selfie shot from the pier.

We enjoyed watching these young boys practice their soccer skills.

The view from our condo.

Happy Hour at the Pinnacle Signature building.

Here we are with Chuck at Happy Hour.

We met this little Iguana one morning on our way to the beach and he did not want to share the steps with us.  He had the same attitude as a Chihuahua...small and fierce.

Kelly enjoying some time by our condo pool.

We visited Liz & Alex's condo to see where they were staying.

Liz, Kelly & Alex on the rooftop of their condo building.

Alex, Liz, Kelly & Dave at the rooftop pool.

Kelly relaxing at our condo.

Checking out the menu at the restaurant No Way Jose.

Another glorious day at the beach.

Margarita time at Sapphire Ocean Beach Club.

Kelly at Pinnacle for sunset.

Dave at Pinnacle.

Sunset from the Pinnacle building.

A Mango Martini made by Carlos at the Swedes.

We watched a lot of people parasailing.

A beautiful flowering vine in the gardens of a local shop.

A unique Jade Vine in the same gardens.

Bougainvillea  around our condo pool.

More bougainvillea around our pool.

A wonderful Italian dinner at Ortensia Funiculi Trattoria with Liz & Alex.

Ortensia Funiculi Trattoria is a small place with only 4 tables, but they put out great food.

We ate at this new place Basilio Comer & Beber a couple of times.

A great Caprese appetizer at Basilio.

Dave at Basilio

Sculpture on the beach.

Gentle rolling waves.

Dave on a beach walk.

Enjoying a bucket of Corona's

The week leading up to Easter is a busy time in PV.  All the kids are out of school, so lots of Mexican nationals head to the beach for the holiday.  Everyday leading up to Easter there were more and more umbrellas popping up in front of us.  Our once unobscured view of the ocean was no more.

Kelly getting some sun amongst the crowd.

Our view the day before Easter.

Watching the sunset from our condo.

We came across this little bar called Kelly's.

Dave enjoying a snack at the condo.

Our last day in PV & our 6th year there in a row, Kelly finally got in the water and found out he enjoys playing in the waves.

Dave wasn't feeling well the last several days there, so he spent a lot of time like this watching the NCAA men's basketball tourney.  We flew back to the States on Monday March 28th.

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