Monday, February 15, 2016

Random Photos from The Past Few Weeks

We've been working on the nightshift since Christmas and some nights the lighting inspired us to take some photos.  This is the building where Dave's office is located.

We had several days of canceled flights due to fog in January.  Here the "Fog Monster" was coming over the hills behind our cargo yard.

Flannel Friday in the office.  Andrew, Kelly, Dave & Ashton.

Captain Scott's Hut built in 1901.

Kelly during an evening off when we walked down to Hut Point.

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter The Polar Sea cutting a channel in the sea ice.

Our re-supply ship the Ocean Giant at the ice pier.

Dan & Dylan in the yard receiving cargo from the vessel destined for the South Pole.

Shipping containers in the yard full of cargo for the South Pole Station.  We received and built over 250,000 lb. of cargo for the South Pole.

Loaded with all our waste and recycling the Ocean Giant left to head back to the States.

With Mt. Erebus in the background, Kelly is attaching a pallet identification card to a pallet train destined for the South Pole Station.

Loading up a cargo delta with pallets that had just flown in from Christchurch, NZ.

We woke up the other morning to see this British naval ship outside our window.  The HMS Protector has been crushing around the waters of the Ross Sea recently.  It's the first British ship to be in this area in the past 70 years.

Saturday February 13th some of our co-workers hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the end of the season.  Here's Kelly chatting with Sheila.

Sheila & Dave celebrate the end of the season...although we still have a few weeks left.