Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thanksgiving to Christmas

Over the years our Thanksgiving day tradition has changed.  We used to get together for cocktails and Thanksgiving dinner with a group of Dave's friends from Alaska and others associated with that group.  Since many of the old Alaskan group is no longer working here and we no longer eat meals in the galley, we now do Thanksgiving day bar with our co-workers.  Day bar opens at 7 am and is for people who work the nightshift.  Since we very rarely get to socialize with our friends on the opposite shift, we all get together at day bar.

Here's Amy & Sam.

Left to right, Whit, Kelly, Andrew, Dave, Emily (up front), Dan (in back), Sage, Andy and Ashton.

At 10:00 we make our way outside to watch the Turkey Trot.  Here's Melanie, Dylan, Ashton, Emily & Andrew.

Dave, Ashton, Andrew, Whit, Emily, Andy & Kelly.

The start of the Turkey Trot, which is a 5K race around the station, to the top of the Scott Base hill and back.

Our co-worker Dan coming up the hill dressed as a turkey.

We took a walk to Hut Point during a nice early December day.  This cross is in memory of George Vince who drowned near here in 1902.  He was a member of Capt. Scott's Discovery crew.  It's been standing here for 114 years.

A group of Weddell Seals enjoying the sun.

Selfie from Hut Point.

Here's a new sign on station we came across one day.  We were surprised to see it and aren't even sure how long it's been here?  This one is made of metal, while the one behind our dorm is made of wood.

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