Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years Eve & IceStock

We switched to the nightshift after Christmas and New Years Eve was a work night for us.  Kelly was working at the airfield and Dave in town.  Here's the selfie Dave took with his cargo teams that were working with him that night.

They rang in the new year with Ginger Ale.

Their view of Dave on the ground at midnight.

We went out to celebrate with friends the night of the 1st.

Saturday the 2nd was IceStock, McMurdo's outdoor music festival.

Dave & Liz

Alex getting ready to enjoy a frothy Pale Ale.

Dave, Tash, Andrew & Kelly.

Jason, Tobi & Tony aka the band "Go For Dale"

Jason on stage.

Our Supervisor Tony playing bass.

Doug, Dan, Ashton, Bobby, Sage & Kelly.

Devin & Serena

Kelly, Tash & Kelly

As many of our co-workers as we could gather together.

Jeramie, Sage, Kelly, Andy & Caitlin.

The crowd and the stage.

Whit playing bass

Sam on trombone

The happy dancing crowd.

Melanie & Carmello

Bija enjoying IceStock.

Christmas at McMurdo

The week of Christmas our department got to choose all the movies shown on Channel 10.  We took this photo, which was posted on the TV scroll to show who chose the movies.

The Galley always hosts a Gingerbread House contest.  This one of McMurdo Micro Brewery (which  unfotunatley doesn't actually exist) was one of my favorites, since we come from the big brewing town of Bend, OR.

The little Christmas Tree in our room surrounded by gifts.

On Christmas Eve we hosted our 9th annual Gin & Tonic party in our room for our co-workers.  Here's Kelly McCord, Leala, Dan & Billy T, our department Manager.

As usual, we had quite a room full, that eventually spilled out into the hallway.

Karsten, Cole, Amber & Adam.

Bobby, Andrew, Ashton, Emily & Luke.

Dave & Parker

Kristen, Chennery & Leala

Ashton & Sage

After our cocktail party, we all went to the town Christmas Party held at the Vehicle Maintenance Facility.  Here's Luke & Kelly.

Andy getting a hug from Caitlin.

Steve, Kelly, Dan, Dave & Bobby at the Town Christmas Party.

Dave & his office co-workers got a photo with Santa.

Christmas day, ready to open gifts.

Kelly started off with checking out his stocking.

Dave sorting through the presents.

Dave got a new scarf.

Dave checking out a little Christmas tree ornament.

A new swimsuit!

Kelly got three "New Zealand Autocar" magazines.

Kelly opening gifts.

What could it be?

New wrist wraps for Crossfit!

Dave and all his gifts.

Kelly and his gifts.

Once more mail arrived after Christmas, we finally got enough cards to fill our tree!