Monday, November 28, 2016

A Few Days in Christchurch & the First Half of Our Season At McMurdo Station

We left home in mid August and arrived in Christchurch on the 17th.  We were scheduled to fly to Antarctica on the 20th, but our flight was delayed for three days due to bad weather at McMurdo, so we enjoyed the sunshine and unusually warm temperatures in Christchurch.

Enjoying some ciders outside at our hotel.

During our flight to McMurdo there was this dark line outside our window.  We were joking it was the International Date Line, but no one could figure out what it was, so Dave went up and asked the Pilot.  It was the shadow from our jet stream on the ice.

Some shots out our window.

And a shot of Kelly.

Mt. Discovery with one of the snow roads in the foreground.

Coming down early meant getting everything ready for the upcoming busy season.  That included a lot of cleaning in our work center.  Kelly, John & Greg are hard at it.

Greg was vacuuming inches worth of dust off the I-beams in our work center lobby.

The first week of October brought the first flight of the summer season.

Dave's Delta ready to be loaded up with cargo pallets.

The C-17 coming in to park.

When we weren't working, and sometimes when we were..most of October was all about watching the Cubs win their way through the playoffs.  Several Sunday afternoons we watched with a group of fellow Cubs fans.

Dave, Julie, Tony, Tad, Kelly & Melanie after watching the come from behind win in LA.

Dave's new Cubs socks and shoes were part of his Halloween costume.

Leala and Kelly bartending at the Halloween Party.

Here we are in our Cubs onesies.

The three Halloween bartenders.

Dave & Kim, who was our DJ for the night.

The final game of the World Series was quite nerve-racking.  Fortunately for Dave,  Julie went to his office so they could watch the last several innings together.  Also, fortunately, Julie received her 'W" flag in the mail that day so we got to display it around town the rest of the evening.  It was just by coincidence that when this photo was taken the "W" flag was also on TV.

Kelly was working at the airfield, so he didn't get to watch the game, but joined in the celebration afterwards.  Here's Kelly, Melanie, Tad, Dave & Julie.

With the "W" flag in our room while watching the post game celebration.

Dave, Kelly, Jessie, Tony, Julie & Tad later that evening.

Celebrating the win!!!

Saturday evening gathering with co-workers.  Andrew, Adam & Greg.

Kelly & Tony

Dan & Amber

Danny & Dave

A Sunday afternoon walk to Hut Point.

Thanksgiving weekend is all about tradition.  Watching the Turkey Trot & going to day bar with our friends.

Dan & Adam at the start of the Turkey Trot.

The runners at the start of what was is a long hill climb.

Amber & Adam after the race.

 Adam, Andrew, Dan & Killian

Day bar with Andrew & Amber

Julie, Dave & Billy T.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful holiday weekend weather to take a few more photos with the "W" flag hanging.  Tad, Julie, Dave, Melanie, Tony & Kelly.

Still celebrating the Cubs World Series Win!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Our Short Summer of Fun

Kelly, Chuck, Norman & Amy at the Bite of Bend

Chuck, Jen & Amy at Crux

Dave & Jason at Crux

Kelly's Uncle Frank passed away in January, but the Memorial Service was at his home in Royal City ,WA on June 26th.  In this photo there's a picture of Frank on his John Deere tractor.

Uncle Frank's tractor

There were several crop dusting planes that flew over both before and after the service to honor his memory.

Family & friends of Franks gathered in the backyard.

One of our front flower pots

A nice afternoon at Crux

Our poppies

On July 1st we went to Elk Lake to paddle board.  It was much colder there than we expected, but we spent the afternoon there anyway.

Kelly hanging out on the beach.

Dave paddling past South Sister

Kelly with Dave in the background

Kelly's selfie on his board

Kelly near shore

Hanging out at 10 Barrels Tube-a-polooza.

Checking out the 4th of July Freedom Ride with Brandon, Kelly, Pat & Norman

Dave, Kelly, Brandon, Norman & Pat

And some Freedom Walkers

Dave, Norman, Brandon & Pat

The ride ends in Columbia Park and turns into a crazy party.

 Hundreds of people partying on the Columbia foot bridge.

Levi & Kelly at 10 Barrel for post Freedom Ride beers.

Here we are the following weekend at Bend Summerfest

Paddling on the Deschutes River upstream of Dillon Falls

Dave on the Deschutes

A few shots of Kelly on his board

Beautiful Wildflowers

Us on the Deschutes

Norman & Dave's annual Kamikaze afternoon

Kelly at Sunriver Resort

Our favorite local band Precious Byrd playing at the Sunriver Resort

Kelly and Nora

Dave & Nora

We met up with Crossfit friends Tyler & Megan and of course Nora

We were able to get one photo with their son Blake

Dave & Kelly Milford

July 21st we went to Estacada, OR to visit Kendall.  He's showing us the view from his upstairs.

He has quite a view of Mt. Hood from his place

Hanging out in Kendall's backyard and soaking up the views.

Even Vinnie enjoys the view

The next day we spent the afternoon on the beach at Rooster Rock State Park.  Here's Kelly wading through the Columbia River.

Looking across the Columbia River to Washington

July 25th we did our annual camping trip with Norman to East Lake

Kelly on the beach

Norman and Kelly having a few laughs

The three of us

Our tent in the woods

Kelly makes a great campfire

East Lake at Sunset

A sunset selfie

July 25th Dave flew back to IN to spend some time with his Mom.  After a fall and some health issues she spent three weeks in a rehab center.

These are some of the things she had to do everyday at occupational therapy

Dave and Anson

Dave with Hannah & Kylie

Eating some cookies with Spenser

Dinner with Spenser, Delaney, Cindy and Mike at Goshen Brewing Co.

Sierra, Preston, Holly, Karha & Ryan

Dave with his Mom the morning he flew back home.

Mt. Hood & Mt. Jefferson out the plane window.

Back in Bend with Norman at Spoken Moto.  This place became our favorite new hangout.

Here we are at Spoken Moto with Norman

Some of the old bikes they have in storage at Spoke Moto waiting to be refurbished.

Sunday August 8th we rented the Cycle Pub for two hours.  Here's Rayna, Amy, Norman & Jason

Jason, Carol & Stretch

Chuck, Matt, Carrie & Josh

Kelly, Amy, Jen & Josh

Us on the Cycle Pub

After the Cycle Pub we all went to Spoken Moto

Kelly & Norman at Spoken Moto

Hanging out at Spoken Moto

 Group photo of our last day of Crossfit for the summer

Flexing photo.  We love our 9:00 Crossfit friends!!!

Monday August 9th we rented a cabin with Donnie at Elk Lake.  Unfortunately it was one of the coolest days of the summer, so we spent the afternoon around the campfire.

Donnie & Kelly

August 10th Gary & Cinda came for a visit.  Here they are playing corn hole at Spoken Moto

Cinda enjoying a glass of wine at our house

Dave's brother Gary at our house

Morning walk along the Deschutes River

Gary & Cinda on the Old Mill bridge

Hanging out with friends at Spoken Moto our last night in town.  Becca, Amy, Jace & Pat on the left side of the table. Kelly, Norman & Raul standing and Chuck, Shalea & Alex on the right.

Jackson is all smiles.

Kelly, Norman & Raul

 Becca, Amy, Jace & Pat

Kelly, Amy & Dave