Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Two Weeks In Christchurch, New Zealand

Sunday September 13th we left Kelly's folks house in WA for Christchurch where we did two weeks of load planner training with the US Air Force.  This year we were routed through Dallas where we took the current longest non-stop commercial flight, Dallas/Ft. Worth to Sydney at 7,454 miles.

One thing we loved about being back in Christchurch is drinking the imported Swedish strawberry lime cider.  It's delicious!

Then there's the cheap Kiwi cider, Scrumpies!

Here are a few of us from class with our three Air Force instructors at our favorite Thai restaurant, Keo Thai.

We were glad we got to meet up with our friends Amanda & Tony and their son Mason for brunch one weekend.  They recently moved from Denver to Blenheim, New Zealand to spend a few years with Tony's parents.  We were joined by Melanie and Amy.

A flock of urban sheep in the Christchurch city center.

A beautiful sunrise from our apartment.

It was nice to see that Christchurch is finally re-building after the earthquake rather than tearing down the ruined building.  We were also happy to see that an old favorite Dux has opened a new brewpub downtown close to where we were staying.

Kelly at Dux Central

We saw this cute pug sitting with his owner and mates one afternoon.  We later found out his name is Cedric when we ran into him and his owner Brad later on that day.

The highlight of drinking at Dux Central was these interactive urinals.  These screens run advertisements until you walk up to the urinal.  It then switches to a rugby game that you play by moving your player around the screen with your urine stream.  The bowel recognizes when you move your stream and it moves your rugby player earning you points as you run over other players.  It was quite entertaining.

The view of ruins and rebuilding from the Dux Central upper deck.

More signs of rebuilding...

...among the ruins

The city was full of cranes.  We counted 11 of them in our view from one street corner.

The beautiful new bus terminal.

A stroll through the Botanic Gardens.

Some tourists enjoying punting on the Avon River.

Here we are with the others in our class and our instructors.

Rebuilding taking place along Oxford Terrace, which was a popular area for restaurants and bars before the earthquake.

We decided to have a beer at a makeshift pub and to enjoy the sunshine.

Redevelopment along Cashel St.

On of our favorite little brewpubs was Institution.  It's a very interesting place.  Notice the stools are made from old chain links...

...and this chandelier from old saws.

Here are the six of us at Institution after we all aced our final exams.  Left to right, Amy, Melanie, Tony, Kelly, Dave & Dan.

We enjoyed looking into this giant kaleidoscope.

The view of Kelly.

The view of Dave.

Sculpture in Cathedral Square.

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