Friday, September 18, 2015

High Desert Crossfit

Crossfit has been a big part of our lives the past three summers.  We attend three mornings a week and although at times we really hate it, we actually love it...especially after the workout is over.  This summer we enjoyed the Friday partner WOD's (Workout of the Day), where we got to team up to tackle the workout.  Here are a few photos from some of our Friday WOD's.

Kelly doing "Russian Twists".

Dave doing "Man Makers"

Kelly doing "Man Makers"

Kelly doing "Deadlifts"

Dave doing "Bent Over Barbell Rows"

Kelly doing "Kettlebell Swings"

Dave doing "Sledgehammer Swings"

Kelly working on his rope work.

Kelly working on his "Bar Muscle-Ups"

With friend Megan Mackeson after a Friday WOD.

 A big part of what we love about Crossfit are the friends we've made at High Desert Crossfit.  It's especially exciting to watch them when they compete in competitions.  Here are a few photos from this years Oregon Summer Games which took place in Bend the weekend of August 22 & 23.

One of our coaches Raul with his partner Dylan awaiting his turn.

Dylan doing "Double Unders"

Sunday WOD at Summit High School.

Dave watching the games with coach Mark, Jim, Amy, Julie, Ileana & Terry.

Dylan & Raul ready to start a WOD.

Another shot of friends; Amy, Julie, Ileana & Terry in front and Cami & Megan in back.

Dylan preparing for his lift.

Raul's hands after the Sunday WOD.

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