Friday, September 18, 2015

Late Summer Shenanigans

In early August we had our friend Gess come visit from Boise.  Here we are with Gess & Norman at free Sunday music at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

The weekend of August 8 & 9 we made our first overnight trip to Portland in several years.  Here we are enjoying a few cocktails at Vault in the Pearl District.

Dinner at Cafe Mingo.

We spent Saturday afternoon with friend Hans on the beach at Rooster Rock State Park.

Hans and Kelly at Rooster Rock State Park.

On the way home we stopped by Focolare Wood Fired Pizza in White Salmon, WA and surprised our friends Chris Wilt and John Booth.  We worked with both of them in Antarctica and they are now dedicated to make delicious gourmet pizza.  Here's Chris making our pizza.

John bringing a perfect pie out of the oven.

Sunday August 10th we were treated to an overnight visit by friends Teri Fox and Charlee McClellan.  We haven't seen Charlee in several years as he's been busy as part of the team of the reality show Treehouse Masters.  We were honored that they chose to come visit us for Charlee's birthday.

Teri & Charlee enjoying dinner on our deck.

Dave having lunch with Teri & Charlee at Jackson's Corner.

Flowers blooming behind our deck.

Thursday August 14th was the start of the Bend Brewfest.  We went that evening and just tasted a few of the ciders

Friday night we enjoyed Brewfest with Chuck and Kevin.

Beautiful flowers on the way to Bend Brewfest.

Saturday evening at Brewfest with Norman.

Here's a group shot from Saturday night.

Norman and Kelly at Brewfest.

Sunday the 17th we did our annual summer camping trip with Norman at East Lake.

Dave soaking up some rays.

Norman and Kelly cooling off in the lake.

Kelly on the beach at East Lake.

Our campsite

The view from our tent.

Fortunately we were allowed to have a campfire that night.  The following day campfires were banned in State Parks due to the severe drought Oregon is experiencing.

Kelly & Norman chatting around the campfire.

Someone needs their morning coffee before they can smile...

Enjoying wine and appetizers at Amy & Jason's new townhouse.

Kelly on a walk along the Deschutes River with his parents.

Lunch with little Tula, Nichole, Drew & Amy.

Saturday September 6th, Dave White threw an early birthday party for Norman.  He put out quite the elaborate spread.

Happy Birthday Norman!

A little goodbye gathering with Crossfit friends at Crux.

Our last night in Bend started out at The Row with Norman and our favorite bartender Donnie.

We moved on to dinner at Cabin 22 with Chuck, Carol and Stretch.

Kelly, Pat & Norman at Cabin 22.

Norman and Paul.

Our last day in the States we spent a hot afternoon visiting with our friend Marty at his brother's pool.  Here's Dave & Greg.

Greg, Dave & Kelly escaping the heat.

After our time at the pool we met Kelly's parents at Bale Breaker Brewery.

Enjoying a few beers at Bale Breaker.  We flew out the following day for Christchurch, New Zealand where we're doing some training before deploying to Antarctica.  Stay tuned for further updates...

High Desert Crossfit

Crossfit has been a big part of our lives the past three summers.  We attend three mornings a week and although at times we really hate it, we actually love it...especially after the workout is over.  This summer we enjoyed the Friday partner WOD's (Workout of the Day), where we got to team up to tackle the workout.  Here are a few photos from some of our Friday WOD's.

Kelly doing "Russian Twists".

Dave doing "Man Makers"

Kelly doing "Man Makers"

Kelly doing "Deadlifts"

Dave doing "Bent Over Barbell Rows"

Kelly doing "Kettlebell Swings"

Dave doing "Sledgehammer Swings"

Kelly working on his rope work.

Kelly working on his "Bar Muscle-Ups"

With friend Megan Mackeson after a Friday WOD.

 A big part of what we love about Crossfit are the friends we've made at High Desert Crossfit.  It's especially exciting to watch them when they compete in competitions.  Here are a few photos from this years Oregon Summer Games which took place in Bend the weekend of August 22 & 23.

One of our coaches Raul with his partner Dylan awaiting his turn.

Dylan doing "Double Unders"

Sunday WOD at Summit High School.

Dave watching the games with coach Mark, Jim, Amy, Julie, Ileana & Terry.

Dylan & Raul ready to start a WOD.

Another shot of friends; Amy, Julie, Ileana & Terry in front and Cami & Megan in back.

Dylan preparing for his lift.

Raul's hands after the Sunday WOD.