Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Random Summer Photos

In early June we planted all our pots.  Kelly did the two in front of our house and they've gotten a lot of attention from people walking by.

June 18th we went to the Fermentation Celebration in the Old Mill District.  Kelly's getting a sample from the Silver Moon Brewery booth.

Here we are with Jason enjoying a few tastings.

The flags on the Old Mill District foot bridge got changed out to celebrate gay pride.

Paul Paladino came down from Seattle for a visit on June 20.  We spent a little time at the pride celebration in Drake Park.

Here we are with Norman and Paul at the Bite of Bend later that night.

Dave and Norman at Cabin 22.

Jason, Amy and Paul at Cabin 22.

Chuck, Norman, Kelly and Paul at Sunday free music in the amphitheater.

Here's Kelly with Dave Remund who came over for a visit from Eugene on June 26.

Saturday June 27th, we went to Crux A-Palooza with Norman and Chuck.

Here we are with Norman watching the Freedom Ride on July 4th.

The Freedom Ride

There were hundreds of participants and they all ended up here at Columbia Park.

Dave & Jason enjoying some jam time.

When Kelly was on a run through Tetherow a few weeks ago, he came across these baby quail who couldn't make it up and over the curb to their nearby noisy parents.  He guided them up the road to a place where the curb ended to get them reunited with their parents.

After doing a walk one day there were three bucks at the entrance to our subdivision.

We saw this one again the next day munching on our landscaping.

Enjoying some Happy Lemonade with Amy at the Riverside Market.

Kelly & Norman were happy too!

Listening to Quarterflash at Alive After 5 in the Old Mill District.

 Kelly's selfie of us on the foot bridge after the concert.

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