Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hiking Misery Ridge At Smith Rock With Brad's Ashes

Thursday morning we drove to Smith Rock State Park.  When Brad, Cindy and the kids were here in 2010 we hiked the strenuous Misery Ridge trail.  Brad wasn't able to make it to the top, so he turned around and went back to the car to wait for us.  When he passed away last July, Cindy told us she wanted to spread some of his ashes at the top of Misery Ridge since he had wanted to make it to the top the next time they came to visit.

Here's Cindy at the trail sign with Brad's ashes.

Ashley and Cindy making their way up the ridge with the Crooked River below.

The view heading up Misery Ridge.

There's stunning scenery everywhere you look on this hike.

A panoramic shot Dave took with Kelly and Spenser on both ends.

Spenser, Cindy and Delaney made it through the worst of the hike.

The view from the top with Mt. Bachelor on the left, Broken Top and the Three Sisters on the right.

Cindy spread some of Brad's ashes under a Juniper Tree since he loved Gin & Tonics.

Spenser, Kelly, Cindy and Delaney on the top of the ridge with the top of Monkey Face in the background.

Dave with Brad's ashes under the tree.

Starting down the backside of the trail.

Looking up at Monkey Face.  If you enlarge the photo you can see people climbing on it.

We watched these people make their way over to Monkey Face.

Cindy and Delaney with Brad's Juniper Tree up on the ridge.

Kelly at a place on the trail where hikers have placed stones inside the holes in the rock.

Hiking along the backside made for some nice shots with the sun on the other side.

The water level is so low the exposed rocks were white with mineral deposits.

Kelly hiking on the trail beside the Crooked River.

Delaney & Cindy nearing the end of the hike.

When we finished the 3.4 mile hike it was 93 degrees.  We were so happy to get back to the cars air-conditioning and ready for some lunch and cold drinks.

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