Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spring Update

Mom & Dad Cheek made their annual visit to Bend for Mother's Day weekend.  Here's Kelly & his Mom doing a walk along the river at Farewell Bend Park.

Kelly with his parents on a walk along the river.

One of Kelly's favorite things about being back home again is cooking in our kitchen.  One of Dave's favorite things about being back home again is eating Kelly's cooking, so he bought Kelly 'The Little India at Home" cookbook for his birthday.  Little India is one of our favorite restaurants in Christchurch, NZ and now Kelly can make their wonderful dishes for us at home.

Our favorite Indian meal is Butter Chicken.  It turned out awesome!!!

Saturday the 16th we met up with Jason, Amy & Chuck at the finish line of the Pole Pedal Paddle race.

After PPP we went to Cabin 22 where we met up with Norman.

Jason, Amy, Kelly & Dave

Jason & Dave at Cabin 22

Jason, Dave, Norman, Kelly & Chuck around the Cabin 22 fire pit.

Tuesday May 19, we stopped by the Two Old Hippies shop to check out the Breedlove guitar selection.  Dave had a hankering to start playing guitar again and wanted something new.  Breedlove guitars are made locally here in Bend, so having one of their guitars seemed pretty appealing. 

There were so many guitars to choose from, but after playing several and thinking about it for a few days he decided on this beauty, a Focus Special Edition made with Redwood and East Indian Rosewood.

May 22, we bought flowers for our pots.  Just as we started planting them, it began pouring down rain.  Kelly was determined to finish the two pots he had started out front.

Here are a few photos of the finished product.

Dave waited until the next day for the sun to shine to plant the pots on the upper deck.

June 4th we replaced the old rock retaining wall around our deck with 2,000 lbs. of Montana Bitterroot stone.  It took us nearly 4 hours to complete, but we were pretty happy with the results.

Bachelor Button flowers along the river in Farewell Bend Park.

Carrots and beets at the Farmers Market.

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