Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Trip to Selah, Suncadia Resort & Hood River

Friday June 5, we drove to Washington for the weekend for Uncle Frank Niessner's 90th birthday party.  When we got to Mom & Dad Cheek's house we were greeted by Amber & Chase.

Uncle Frank's party was held on Saturday afternoon at the Stillwater Winery at Suncadia Resort.

Suncadia Resort is just off I-90 near Roslyn, WA.  It's in a beautiful cascade mountains setting.

Kelly at Suncadia Resort

Mom Cheek at Suncadia Resort

Mom & Dad Cheek at Uncle Frank's party.

Dennis & Raeleen

Trevor & Cayley

Socializing at the party.

Uncle Frank & Mom Cheek.

Jerry & Tyson Allred, Uncle Frank and Dad Cheek.

Mom & Dad Cheek at the Canyon River Grill.  We stopped here for a cold beverage on the way back to their house after the party.

Dave at the Canyon River Grill in the Yakima River canyon, which is between Ellensberg and Selah.

Sunday on the way back to Bend, we drove through Hood River to meet up with some friends we hadn't seen in several years.  Here's Drew & Tula.

This was our first time meeting Tula, so Dave had to have his turn holding her.

Amalie & Nichole

Sitting - Amalie, Nichole, Natalie & Jason
Standing - Dave, Kelly, Drew & Amy.
Tula is hidden on Nichole's lap, so we had to go outside to get another group shot.

Drew and Tula at Good News Gardening Cafe in Hood River, OR

Dave, Amalie & Kelly.  We were texting a photo to Amalie's Dad, Chris Wilt, since he had to work that afternoon.

Natalie, Amy, Jason, Dave, Drew holding Tula, Kelly & Nichole.  Amalie is hiding behind everyone.

The route from Hood River to Bend is a beautiful drive that goes right by Mt. Hood.

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