Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Annual Family Visit to Indiana

Two days after being in Mexico we flew to Indiana to visit with Dave's Mom and the rest of the family.  Here's Kelly with Kylie and Dave with Anson.

Easter Sunday there was an Easter egg hunt after church.  Here's Addy, Cinda, Kelly & Morgan sorting through all the goodies.

Addy & Morgan with their baskets.

Here's we are with the girls before Easter dinner at Gary & Cinda's.

They had another Easter egg hunt after lunch

April 9th we went to Indy with Mom Haney to see family there.  Here's Dave with Micah...

...and Dave with Josh.

Mom Haney with Alison & Kylie when they came to dinner at Rob & Trysha's house.

Here we are at Triton Brewing with Rob, Josh & Micah on a nice Indy day.

Friday night we had a date night in downtown Indy.  We stopped for a cocktail at this small bar named "Tini".  After 15 minutes of being there, Brad Kime walked up to the bar.  Dave graduated High School with him and we soon found out that he owned the bar....too funny.

Josh spent a lot of time on his phone texting his girlfriend.  Such is the life of a teenager.

Saturday we spent time with the Wilson family.  We started out the day at Bennett's soccer match.  He's just to the left of the kid on the ground.  The field was so wet you can see the water splashing up Bennett's pant legs.

Here's Ben on the right taking on two opponents.

Shaun, Judy, Megan, Avery & Mom Haney watching on the sidelines.  After the match we had lunch at the Wilson's and then went to Avery's softball practice.  Unfortunately we didn't get any photos there.  Sorry Avery...

Saturday night Micah & Josh wanted to have a Wii dance off with Uncle Dave.  Everyone worked up such a sweat that it wasn't long before the shirts and long pants came off.

Here we are with the Miller's and Mom Haney.

Wednesday April 15th we went to Trine University to watch Spenser Gilbert play tennis.

Spenser & his partner won their doubles match.

Dave made a double batch of his Mom's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.  Kelly added flour to his face to make it look like he was really working.

They turned out great!

Friday the 17th We had a family gathering when Steve & Ginny came from Illinois for a visit.  Here's Kelly, Anson and Ginny.

Steve, Mom Haney, Andrea and Alison.

Dave with Hannah, Kylie, Carter & Anson.

Saturday the 18th, there was a 40th Anniversary Party for Gary & Cinda.

Addy & Morgan at the punch bowl.

Kelly spent most of his time keeping the kids occupied.

Mom Haney with her Sister Leatrice on the left and Brother John on the right.

Dave and some of his family: Aunt Leatrice, Mom Haney, Uncle, John, Aunt Cinda, Brother Gary, Cousins Judy & Carolyn & Brother Steve.

The same group plus spouses and kids...too many to mention!

After that party we had a smaller family gathering.  Here's Anson, Addyson, Morgan, Carter, Hannah, Kylie and Sierra.

Preston, Ryan and Holly.

Addy & Courtney

This weekend was the first time Dave was together with both his brothers in 7 years.  Here's Ginny, Mom Haney, Cinda, Steve, Gary, Dave & Kelly.

Mom Haney surrounded by the kids.

Having a beer at Constant Spring in Goshen.

Thursday April 23rd we drove to Saugatuck, Michigan for the night.  We stopped at Grand Mere State Park on the way, so Kelly could have his first sand dunes experience.

Panoramic of the dunes and Lake Michigan.

Kelly at Grand Mere State Park.

Coming down the dunes.

Here are a few shots of our room in Saugatuck.  We stayed at Bella Vita Spa & Suites.

The room was beautiful.

Walking along the marina in Saugatuck.

The best Happy Hour in town!!!

Friday we enjoyed walking through the shops in nearby Douglas before heading back to IN.

Back in Goshen, IN we went to the Old Bag Factory one day for lunch with Mom Haney and to walk through the many shops.

Mom Haney with Kylie and Anson.

Here we are in the American Airlines Admirals Club at O'Hare waiting for our flight out.

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