Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Leaving McMurdo

Dave took this photo out of our dorm room window on one of our last nights at McMurdo.

After 5 days of mechanical delays, the C-17 finally took off from Christchurch to come get us on March 5th.  Here's Kelly on the left with our co-workers waiting for the plane to arrive.

Here we are with Randy Thompson at Pegasus Airfield.

Mt. Erebus in all it's glory.

What a wonderful site it was when they finally landed.  Due to the delay, we ended up flying straight back to the States.  We had originally planned to spend two nights in Christchurch.  Instead we landed in Christchurch around 1:30 am and we flew out 5 hours later.  We figured despite the few hours of sleep we got on the flights, we were awake for nearly 50 hours before we arrived in Yakima, WA where Kelly's parents picked us up.

Here we are sharing a cider with Ashton at the Sydney Airport during one of our many layovers.

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