Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pre Christmas Photos & Christmas Eve

Every year there's a Gingerbread House making competition here and this year our friend Kristen Ratcliffe won.  Way to go Kristen!!!

Some of the other Gingerbread houses on display.

Our friend Chris Beard came over for a visit one evening.

Presents around our tree.

Our Christmas Tree of lights.

Christmas Eve we hosted our 7th Annual Gin & Tonic Party in our room for our co-workers.
Here are Whit, Kristen, Chennery, Pete & Bill.

We eventually had so many people show up the party spilled into the hallway.
Here's John, Amy & Jason

Tony & Erin

Kelly amongst the crowd.

Sam, Bev, Jason & Kristen Ratcliffe.

Andrew, Joseph & James.

Whit, Kristen, Chennery & Nicole.

After the cocktail party we all went to the town Christmas party from 9:00 to midnight.
Here are Kim & Pete.

Andrew, Kelly & LaDon.

Our traditional ATO (department) photo with Santa.  Kelly is at the far left and Dave's in back.

The choir entertained us with Christmas carols.

Liz, Bill & Julie.

Dave, Ashton & Kelly.

Denise & Dave

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