Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Day Hike Around Ob Hill

We both had to work on New Year's Eve, but we did have the next two days off.  The evening of the 1st we decided to hike the Ob Hill Loop Trail.  It was the perfect evening for a walk.
Here's Dave walking on the trail.

Here's a selfie from our walk.

We like this hike for the beautiful scenery.  All this volcanic rock reminds us of hikes back home in Oregon.

That white dot in the sky that Kelly is pointing too, is one of scientific research projects we support here.  The dot is a balloon, which was launched earlier in the day as part of the Long Duration Balloon project.  It looks small here, but it's actually the size of two football fields.

Kelly with Mt. Terror in the background.

Dave from the same spot.

Looking back at the sun over Mt. Discovery.

Kelly on the trail with Ob Hill on the left.

Another shot of Mt. Terror with tidal cracks around the island.

An interesting rock we came across.  It looks a bit like brain coral.

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