Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Icestock 2015

Friday January 2nd from 6 pm to 1 am was McMurdo's annual music festival.  It's always a great time to hear good music performed by our local musicians as well as a fun time to hangout with friends.  Here's Kelly with Kerre & Craig.

Kara with her medicinal Antarctic flask.

One of the many bands that played that evening.

Andrew filled all his pockets with Coronas.

The crowd enjoying the music and the good weather.

Anne, Liz and Spring were enjoying some of Mom Haney's party mix.

Our co-worker Whit performed in one of the bands.

Another co-worker John Cicola is always a hit with his incredible guitar playing.  Incase you're wondering,  he's wearing a wig...

John Cicola on guitar and Jason Swindell was the lead singer for the band Van Schieffelin.  They did covers of Van Halen, Aerosmth & Def Leppard.

Jason on stage.

Dave & Amy with the crowd at Icestock.

Part of the banner, shows a painting of an LC-130 airdropping guitars.

Bruce, Andrew, Emily, Ashton & Nate at Icestock.

Charlotte, Erin, Dave & Tonya.

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