Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Icestock 2015

Friday January 2nd from 6 pm to 1 am was McMurdo's annual music festival.  It's always a great time to hear good music performed by our local musicians as well as a fun time to hangout with friends.  Here's Kelly with Kerre & Craig.

Kara with her medicinal Antarctic flask.

One of the many bands that played that evening.

Andrew filled all his pockets with Coronas.

The crowd enjoying the music and the good weather.

Anne, Liz and Spring were enjoying some of Mom Haney's party mix.

Our co-worker Whit performed in one of the bands.

Another co-worker John Cicola is always a hit with his incredible guitar playing.  Incase you're wondering,  he's wearing a wig...

John Cicola on guitar and Jason Swindell was the lead singer for the band Van Schieffelin.  They did covers of Van Halen, Aerosmth & Def Leppard.

Jason on stage.

Dave & Amy with the crowd at Icestock.

Part of the banner, shows a painting of an LC-130 airdropping guitars.

Bruce, Andrew, Emily, Ashton & Nate at Icestock.

Charlotte, Erin, Dave & Tonya.

New Years Day Hike Around Ob Hill

We both had to work on New Year's Eve, but we did have the next two days off.  The evening of the 1st we decided to hike the Ob Hill Loop Trail.  It was the perfect evening for a walk.
Here's Dave walking on the trail.

Here's a selfie from our walk.

We like this hike for the beautiful scenery.  All this volcanic rock reminds us of hikes back home in Oregon.

That white dot in the sky that Kelly is pointing too, is one of scientific research projects we support here.  The dot is a balloon, which was launched earlier in the day as part of the Long Duration Balloon project.  It looks small here, but it's actually the size of two football fields.

Kelly with Mt. Terror in the background.

Dave from the same spot.

Looking back at the sun over Mt. Discovery.

Kelly on the trail with Ob Hill on the left.

Another shot of Mt. Terror with tidal cracks around the island.

An interesting rock we came across.  It looks a bit like brain coral.

Christmas Day

During the Christmas Holiday, we transitioned from the dayshift to the nightshift.  Where we were working 6 am to 6 pm the first half of the season, we're now working 6 pm to 6 am.  We woke up Christmas day around 2 pm and found our stockings were filled.

Our stockings on Christmas morning...we'll it was 2 pm, but it was our morning.

We had two planes arrive on Christmas Eve and they brought us some much needed parcel mail.  We received party mix from Dave's Mom, a box of treats from Cindy, Spenser & Delaney and some gifts from our friend Rex.

Rex always sends us a box from Goody's Chocolates, a handmade candy store from back home in Bend.  Here's Kelly sharing with a very excited Liz.  Our suite mates Liz & Alex joined us for our gift exchange.

The wonderful box of Goody's chocolates.

Our stockings.

Kelly got the December and January issues of New Zealand Auto Car.  He loves this magazine.

Here we are with the gifts before we started opening them.

Dave opening one of his gifts.

Kelly showing off his new flannel lined Carhartt work pants.  

Here we are all with the gifts we opened.

Liz & Alex keeping warm by our fireplace.

Liz & Alex before going to Christmas Dinner.  We picked up dinner and ate in our room.

After dinner we took our traditional walk down to Hut Point.  Here's Kelly on the point.

Here's Dave with Vince's cross on Hut Point.

Here's a seal coming up for air in a breathing hole.

Here's a Skua in the foreground and a Seal in the background.

Pre Christmas Photos & Christmas Eve

Every year there's a Gingerbread House making competition here and this year our friend Kristen Ratcliffe won.  Way to go Kristen!!!

Some of the other Gingerbread houses on display.

Our friend Chris Beard came over for a visit one evening.

Presents around our tree.

Our Christmas Tree of lights.

Christmas Eve we hosted our 7th Annual Gin & Tonic Party in our room for our co-workers.
Here are Whit, Kristen, Chennery, Pete & Bill.

We eventually had so many people show up the party spilled into the hallway.
Here's John, Amy & Jason

Tony & Erin

Kelly amongst the crowd.

Sam, Bev, Jason & Kristen Ratcliffe.

Andrew, Joseph & James.

Whit, Kristen, Chennery & Nicole.

After the cocktail party we all went to the town Christmas party from 9:00 to midnight.
Here are Kim & Pete.

Andrew, Kelly & LaDon.

Our traditional ATO (department) photo with Santa.  Kelly is at the far left and Dave's in back.

The choir entertained us with Christmas carols.

Liz, Bill & Julie.

Dave, Ashton & Kelly.

Denise & Dave