Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kelly's trip to the Dry Valleys, AQ

On December 19th Kelly flew from McMurdo Station to the Canada Glacier in the protected area of the Dry Valleys.  This was a full day trip to escort Scientist Alex Mass who is based at Lake Hoare. She studies toxicology in water from Glaciers, so the mission was to gather water samples for the day.

Canada Glacier is beside the red area on this map.

Departing McMurdo from the Helicopter pad in an A-Star.

It's a 45 minute flight across the frozen Ross Sea to Lake Hoare at the base of Canada Glacier.

Kelly geared up for the flight.

Piedmont Glacier.

Ferrar Glacier.

Crossing Andrews Ridge with Canada Glacier in the back ground.

Lake Hoare is at 150' in elevation and this ridge shoots up from the lake to 6000' in elevation.

Canada Glacier face at Lake Hoare.

Alex and Kelly hiked 2 hours from base camp to the first ridge of the Canada Glacier.  Once there they spent about an hour on the Glacier gathering samples.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day and  unbelievably quiet.  Kelly was one of less than six people allowed on the Glacier this season.

First views over the top of the Glacier.

This is the start of a melt hole that Alex gathers water samples from.

On top of Canada Glacier looking toward Mt Erebus in the distance.

Kelly on Canada Glacier.

The hike back down to base camp at Lake Hoare took about 1.5 hours.  We stopped for water samples, photos and to enjoy the sound of running melt water off the Glacier.

Mummified Weddell Seal carcass.

This is Suess Glacier at the opposite end of Lake Hoare. We drove an ATV up the length of the frozen Lake to reach it.
Kelly standing on the left at Suess Glacier.

Standing on Lake Hoare looking back toward Canada Glacier.

See why its called the Dry Valleys?

Base of Suess Glacier.

Here's a couple pictures of the ATV of the permanent lake ice.

Flying back to McMurdo with Mt Erebus in the back ground.

Huge Ice berg frozen into place in the Ross Sea.

Pilot Keith Cox and Kelly.

McMurdo and Ob Hill.

Dave took this picture from our dorm room window of Kelly's Helicopter returning.

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