Tuesday, November 4, 2014

McMurdo's 2014 Halloween Party

Once again Dave was one of the POC's for the town Halloween Party and both of us were also Bartenders for the party.  We haven't been very creative with costumes the past few years, so we just decided to wear our High Desert Crossfit Shirts.

Decorations, Snacks and beer.

The bar area where we we sold Heineken and Coors Light.  We went through 42 cases in 5 hours.

Emily, James, Nate, Andrew & Ashton in costume.

LaDon and Leala as Walter White (Huizenga) & Blue Crystal Meth.

Kelly & Tony

Kelly working the bar

Dave working the bar

Tony & Erin

The My Little Pony Group

The dancing crowd

Jason & Kris

Kim & Amy at the DJ booth.