Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Photos from Christchurch

One of the first things we do each year when we arrive in Christchurch is to receive our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear.  Dave took some photos of three of the most important items we're issued.
Our Big Red Parkas...

...our cold weather boots...

...and our insulated Carhartt overalls.

This arch walkway is located in a dirt lot where the Crowne Plaza Hotel used to sit.

With so many buildings being torn down after the earthquake, there's now a lot of cool artwork on the exposed brick walls.

There was a weeklong Antarctic festival called Icefest that started while Dave was in town

.  There were several displays and exhibits about Antarctica near Cathedral Square.

This ice sculptor was entertaining the crowd on a Saturday afternoon.

Evenings were spent with friends at the local bars and restaurants.  Here's Tim, Ang and Sam at the Twisted Hop Brewpub.

Ashton & Andrew enjoying some beers.

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