Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Airfield and Party Photos at McMurdo

Dave flew to McMurdo Station on September 30 and after a six week separation was reunited again with Kelly.  We both took a group of our new cargo handlers to Pegasus Airfield recently to give them some training on our airfield operations.

Here's a reflection photo taken through Whit's goggles.

Andrew's pointing out the inbound plane to Whit and Nate.

The C-17 coming in for a landing.

The C-17 taxiing in to position on the ramp.

Since we were short a loader driver, Kelly had to help load a few pallets.

Saturday the 18th our department had a Meet & Greet party at one of the bars.  It's always a fun evening and a good chance to get to know some of the new folks.

Laura, Sam and Kristen.

Andrew and Nate playing Shuffleboard.

Ashton lining up his shot.

Jason & Amy

Shelly, Randy, Sully & Cassa at the Meet & Greet Party.

Nicole, Whit, Kristen, Bernie and John (aka Pepsi)

Jon, Kelly & Serena

After the Meet & Greet party, we went to Gallagher's where Jason was the DJ for the Decades Dance.  He, Kim and Pete were dressed up for the occasion.

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