Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Airfield and Party Photos at McMurdo

Dave flew to McMurdo Station on September 30 and after a six week separation was reunited again with Kelly.  We both took a group of our new cargo handlers to Pegasus Airfield recently to give them some training on our airfield operations.

Here's a reflection photo taken through Whit's goggles.

Andrew's pointing out the inbound plane to Whit and Nate.

The C-17 coming in for a landing.

The C-17 taxiing in to position on the ramp.

Since we were short a loader driver, Kelly had to help load a few pallets.

Saturday the 18th our department had a Meet & Greet party at one of the bars.  It's always a fun evening and a good chance to get to know some of the new folks.

Laura, Sam and Kristen.

Andrew and Nate playing Shuffleboard.

Ashton lining up his shot.

Jason & Amy

Shelly, Randy, Sully & Cassa at the Meet & Greet Party.

Nicole, Whit, Kristen, Bernie and John (aka Pepsi)

Jon, Kelly & Serena

After the Meet & Greet party, we went to Gallagher's where Jason was the DJ for the Decades Dance.  He, Kim and Pete were dressed up for the occasion.

Wine Tasting in the Waipara Valley

On SaturdaySeptember 19, the others in Dave's training course and the two instructors took a road trip to the Waipara Valley north of Christchurch to do some wine tasting.  Here are Ang and Dan at the Terrace Edge Winery.

Ashton, Nate and Pete at Terrace Edge.

Here are a few photos of the view from the Terrace Edge Winery.

The group at the Torlesse Winery Tasting Room.

The tasting room at the Torlesse Winery.

Enjoying some wine at the Waipara Springs tasting room.

Our last stop of the day was at the Waipara Hills tasting room.

Here's the whole group at Waipara Hills tasting room.  From left to right in the front row are Vern, Pete, Sara, Sam, & Nate.  In the back row are Dan, Ang, Ashton, Andrew and Dave.

Some Photos from Christchurch

One of the first things we do each year when we arrive in Christchurch is to receive our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear.  Dave took some photos of three of the most important items we're issued.
Our Big Red Parkas...

...our cold weather boots...

...and our insulated Carhartt overalls.

This arch walkway is located in a dirt lot where the Crowne Plaza Hotel used to sit.

With so many buildings being torn down after the earthquake, there's now a lot of cool artwork on the exposed brick walls.

There was a weeklong Antarctic festival called Icefest that started while Dave was in town

.  There were several displays and exhibits about Antarctica near Cathedral Square.

This ice sculptor was entertaining the crowd on a Saturday afternoon.

Evenings were spent with friends at the local bars and restaurants.  Here's Tim, Ang and Sam at the Twisted Hop Brewpub.

Ashton & Andrew enjoying some beers.

Dave's Last Few Days in the States

Dave left the States on September 14th for training with the US Air Force in Christchurch, NZ before his deployment to Antarctica.  Here are a few photos from his last week before he left.

The last Monday happy hour at Portello Wine Bar with Jen Johnson and Amy Beyerlein.

His last night in Bend at Crux with Melanie, Amy, Jason, Norman, Shelby, Chuck, Gess & T.J.

With Antarctic friend Julian Ridley in LA a few hours before his flight out.