Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kelly's time in Christchurch NZ.

As most of our friends know, Dave and Kelly have had a very odd summer and it's continued into the work season.  We agreed to deploy on an early contract only to learn later that Dave would be required to do training for work and not be able to start early this season.  So Kelly is now back at work in McMurdo, Dave will be down the end of September.

Somewhere over the South Pacific.

New Regent St.

Here's a few pictures of the Antarctica Center and CDC where we start and end our deployments. 

Christchurch, 4 years after the first major Earthquake continues it's rebuild of the city.

It's early spring, a walk in the Botanical Gardens is a must.

I ended up getting weather delayed an additional 4 days in Christchurch before making it to McMurdo on August 24th. 

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