Monday, January 6, 2014

A Walk on a Beautiful Night in McMurdo

Sunday January 5th at 3 am we went for a walk on the Ob Hill Loop Trail.  It was a gorgeous sunny windless night with a temperature in the mid 30's.

Here's Kelly at the start of the trail.

Here's a panoramic shot that Dave took.

Small pressure cracks in the sea ice.

There were a few seals around the cracks and melt ponds.  That's Mt. Discovery to the left.

Kelly & Dave with the Trans Antarctic Mountains in the background.

Mt. Terror and Scott Base (The New Zealand Station) at the tip of the point.

Observation Hill with the trail in the foreground.

It was a rare site to see the wind machines not turning.

The beautiful coloured striations of the rock and the NASA ball (A Satellite Antenna Dome) on the far ridge.

After our walk we took a photo for our friends at High Dessert Crossfit with our HDCF hoodies on.

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