Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve and Our 7th Annual Christmas Cocktail Party

Christmas Eve we held our 7th annual Christmas cocktail party for our co-workers in our room. Since we had a flight arrive late from Christchurch that day we didn't have quite the turnout we usually do, but we still had a good time with everyone.
Here's Billy T., the Manager of our department sitting by our "Fireplace".

Alysa, Dacre, John, Troy, Craig, Kristen & Jimsky.

Troy, Craig, Kristen, Jimsky, Jerod, Billy T. & Tim.

Sam, Eddie, Kelly & Alysa.

Kristen & Dave.

Craig & Kelly

After our party we all went to the town Christmas Party.  We gathered as many of our co-workers as we could find to get our picture taken with Santa Claus.  Kelly is in the front right and Dave is the small bald head in the back row.

When we got home that night, we took this photo to send out for our Holiday email.

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