Tuesday, December 3, 2013

McMurdo Thanksgiving Festivities

We celebrated our Thanksgiving at McMurdo on Saturday November 23.  Our day started out at Southern Day Bar.  Here's Amy & Melanie.

Kristy & Danny in their Thanksgiving hats.

Kristy, Alysa, Shelly & Tricia.

Our nightshift crew wanted to do a workout day bar.  Here they are gathering for some exercises.

On the floor doing leg lifts.

Our crew also played a dice game.

Kelly, Dave & Paul.

Work friends at Thanksgiving day bar.

Bill & Todd

Julie, Paul & Susie.

Dave & Jason

Melanie & Dave with the turkey hats.

Before our Thanksgiving meal we had cocktails with friends.  Here's Julie, Nancy & Leslie.

Alex & Liz.

Maggie & Paul

Liz, Paul, Candy, Nancy & Leslie sharing a laugh.

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