Monday, December 30, 2013

Friends, Craziness & A Masquerade Ball

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night we had a knock at our door.  When we opened it, this is what was in the hall to greet us.  Danny, Dacre, Dan, Craig & Troy dressed up for the Scott Base Skirt Party.

Saturday December 21st was the first ever Masquerade Ball.  Our friend Kim came up with the idea and brought down a bunch of material making masks.  She asked Dave to be a bartender, so he had to make a mask and this is what he came up with.

The ball was held in the gym and was beautifully decorated.

Dave with Katie, who runs our Recreation department.

 Dave with Kim, whose idea it was to throw the party.

Our co-workers Kristen, Craig & Dacre.

Liz & Julie

Kristen & Craig were voted the Princess and Prince of the ball.

Amy, Melanie & Jason

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