Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning in McMurdo

Every year we make our Christmas Tree out of lights on the wall and put the Christmas cards we get in the mail inside.  It seems like we get less cards mailed to us each year, but we appreciate the ones we do get.

We do have this little tree that we put our gifts around each year.

We also had our stockings hung, but they aren't overflowing like they used to be when we were kids.

All the booty before we started opening things.

Kelly got his usual "New Zealand Auto Car" magazine, which is always one of his favorites.

Dave got a large Whittiker's chocolate bar and Reeses Pieces.

Kelly got a merino wool bomber hat to keep his head warm at the airfield...

...and it looks good on him too!!!

Dave got a Bend Beer shirt with a list of the breweries on the back.

What's in here???

A beautiful Bugatchi dress shirt.

Kelly got a new Cubs camping hat...


...a High Desert Crossfit sweatshirt.

Dave got a Penguin pullover.

Dave with all his gifts.

Kelly with his gifts.

We spent Christmas day & night and the following day & night watching lots of movies, relaxing and transitioning to the night shift.  We'll now be working 6 pm to 6 am through the rest of the season.

Christmas Eve and Our 7th Annual Christmas Cocktail Party

Christmas Eve we held our 7th annual Christmas cocktail party for our co-workers in our room. Since we had a flight arrive late from Christchurch that day we didn't have quite the turnout we usually do, but we still had a good time with everyone.
Here's Billy T., the Manager of our department sitting by our "Fireplace".

Alysa, Dacre, John, Troy, Craig, Kristen & Jimsky.

Troy, Craig, Kristen, Jimsky, Jerod, Billy T. & Tim.

Sam, Eddie, Kelly & Alysa.

Kristen & Dave.

Craig & Kelly

After our party we all went to the town Christmas Party.  We gathered as many of our co-workers as we could find to get our picture taken with Santa Claus.  Kelly is in the front right and Dave is the small bald head in the back row.

When we got home that night, we took this photo to send out for our Holiday email.

Friends, Craziness & A Masquerade Ball

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night we had a knock at our door.  When we opened it, this is what was in the hall to greet us.  Danny, Dacre, Dan, Craig & Troy dressed up for the Scott Base Skirt Party.

Saturday December 21st was the first ever Masquerade Ball.  Our friend Kim came up with the idea and brought down a bunch of material making masks.  She asked Dave to be a bartender, so he had to make a mask and this is what he came up with.

The ball was held in the gym and was beautifully decorated.

Dave with Katie, who runs our Recreation department.

 Dave with Kim, whose idea it was to throw the party.

Our co-workers Kristen, Craig & Dacre.

Liz & Julie

Kristen & Craig were voted the Princess and Prince of the ball.

Amy, Melanie & Jason

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hut Point

Views from Hut Point

Seals and Mt. Discovery.

Dave and Kelly.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kelly's Random Airfield Photos

These are some pictures from one of the South African Air flights we had a few weeks ago.  This is a stretched L130 that holds more cargo than the LC130's the USAP uses.  It's always fun working with South African Crew they are pleasant, easy going and entertaining.

The little 4x4 Kawasaki Kelly uses to carry small cargo to and from the planes.

Under the wing of NYANG LC 130.

LC 130 in the fuel pits.

Two of the programs 130's and PHI Helicopters.

Mt. Erebus, town, Ob Hill and Castle Rock.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

McMurdo Thanksgiving Festivities

We celebrated our Thanksgiving at McMurdo on Saturday November 23.  Our day started out at Southern Day Bar.  Here's Amy & Melanie.

Kristy & Danny in their Thanksgiving hats.

Kristy, Alysa, Shelly & Tricia.

Our nightshift crew wanted to do a workout day bar.  Here they are gathering for some exercises.

On the floor doing leg lifts.

Our crew also played a dice game.

Kelly, Dave & Paul.

Work friends at Thanksgiving day bar.

Bill & Todd

Julie, Paul & Susie.

Dave & Jason

Melanie & Dave with the turkey hats.

Before our Thanksgiving meal we had cocktails with friends.  Here's Julie, Nancy & Leslie.

Alex & Liz.

Maggie & Paul

Liz, Paul, Candy, Nancy & Leslie sharing a laugh.