Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LAX and Beyond

After two weeks of resume classes, meetings with a career counselor and applying for jobs in Bend, we got a call on October 22nd saying that since the shutdown was over, the NSF had decided to try to make a go of the science season in Antarctica after all and they offered us our jobs back.  Here we were in Bend on a Tuesday morning and they wanted us to fly out of Yakima, WA on Thursday morning.  We had to scramble to get our bags repacked, get the house cleaned again and drive back up to Kelly's parents house the next day.  We got it all done though and were glad to have our jobs again.

As we flew through Los Angles International Airport, we were treated to the newly remodeled Tom Bradley International Terminal.  Here are some photos, it was really beautiful and a major improvement.

Dave killing some time during our 5 hour layover at "Drink LA".  This was only the second day this bar at been open.

Our friend Kristy Queen on the escalator at LAX.

A morning layover in Sydney, Australia.

A Qantas A380 Jet in Sydney.  This is the same type of plane we flew on from LAX to Sydney.

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