Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The McMurdo Halloween Party

For the sixth year in a row Dave & Amy were the POC's for the station's Halloween Party.
Here are Audrey & Amy setting up the gym the day before.

We had lots of help decorating from our department and the Supply department.

Decorating for the Halloween Party.

Kim Bowyer was the DJ for the party.

This was also our 6th year in a row bartending the party.  Here's Dave with our friend and co-worker Paul.

Kelly behind the bar.

Sage & Katie

Kristen wants to be where the PBR.

Dacre as a NZDF 767.

Tim & Danny

Our boss Pete is the rabbit out of the hat.

Josh and Audrey

Kristy, Kelly, Jason and Amy.

Kelly & Paul

Back on the Ice!!!

Our flight to McMurdo Station was on Monday October 28th.  We arrived on this C-17 on a beautiful sunny day.

Passengers walking to the vehicle transports.

This year we ended up in a different dorm, but fortunately it's one with a view and we ended up on the side that has this view, rather than looking out at another dorm.  This is what we get to see each morning when we wake up.  It's great to be able to see the mountains and the runway from our room.

The sun as it moves over Black Island.  This was taken at 1:30 am.

The ice runway is in the foreground of Black Island.

Mt. Discovery at 1:30 am.

Lenticular clouds over crater hill and the dorms.

A Few Days In Christchurch, NZ

We landed in Christchurch on Saturday October 26th and were thrilled to be staying at a hotel downtown.  Since the earthquake, there are now a few hotels that have opened in the CBD.  Here's the view from our window at the Novotel.  We were right across the street from the Cathedral.

The Novotel was brand new and seemed pretty swanky compared to some places we have stayed at in the past.  This is a shot of the front desk area.

Chandeliers in the lobby of the Novotel in Christchurch. 

The front of the Christchurch Cathedral.

The Cashel Street container mall.

We were also happy to see some shops were open again on New Regent St.  Despite these new places being opened downtown, the majority of the city center is still in a shambles.

Sunday afternoon we walked for about an hour to get to the new location of the Twisted Hop brew pub. The old location was completely destroyed during the earthquake. Here are Kelly and Kristy enjoying a pint.

An odd sign we saw on our walk to the Twisted Hop.

LAX and Beyond

After two weeks of resume classes, meetings with a career counselor and applying for jobs in Bend, we got a call on October 22nd saying that since the shutdown was over, the NSF had decided to try to make a go of the science season in Antarctica after all and they offered us our jobs back.  Here we were in Bend on a Tuesday morning and they wanted us to fly out of Yakima, WA on Thursday morning.  We had to scramble to get our bags repacked, get the house cleaned again and drive back up to Kelly's parents house the next day.  We got it all done though and were glad to have our jobs again.

As we flew through Los Angles International Airport, we were treated to the newly remodeled Tom Bradley International Terminal.  Here are some photos, it was really beautiful and a major improvement.

Dave killing some time during our 5 hour layover at "Drink LA".  This was only the second day this bar at been open.

Our friend Kristy Queen on the escalator at LAX.

A morning layover in Sydney, Australia.

A Qantas A380 Jet in Sydney.  This is the same type of plane we flew on from LAX to Sydney.

Enjoying Fall in Bend with Friends

Tuesday October 8th, was a day of unfortunate circumstances.  The renters in our house moved out and that same day we got a call from our employer that due to the government shutdown, they were forced to terminate our contracts.  This was two days before we were suppose to leave for our jobs in Antarctica.

The following day we drove back to Bend and moved back into our house and began trying to figure out what we were going to do next.  The one bright spot to this, was that we got to experience autumn for the first time in several years.
The Crusader Cockspur Hawthorn we planted in our backyard the year before was a beautiful color.

The fall colors along Colorado Ave.

The trail along Farewell Bend Park.

A view across the Deschutes River.

The Deschutes River in downtown Bend.

Our friend Rich Joss came for a visit on his way back to Park City, UT.  Here are he and Kelly walking along the Deschutes River Trail.

Dave, Kelly & Rich.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice (2013) Poster
The weekend that Rich was visiting, was also the weekend of the Bendfilm Festival.  Since we happened to be in town, we had another opportunity to see the film "Antarctica: A Year On Ice".  The film was made by friends of ours from McMurdo and fortunately they were in town for Bend's three showings of the movie, so we got to visit and catch up with them.  It's only doing the film festival circuit now, but will hopefully be released nationwide sometime next year.  You won't want to miss it and there's a brief shot of Kelly in the movie.

After a nice walk, we cheered ourselves up with some of the best "nontraditional" nachos in the world.  This was at 10 Barrel Brewpub and they are kettle chips with steak, bacon, green onions and blue cheese...YUM!

This is a shot of the yellow aspens in our neighborhood.

We were also in town for Norman's Birthday party, which was a first ever for Dave.

Happy Birthday Norman!!! Damn you look good for turning 80...

Another walk along the river.

Mt. Bachelor across the river.

Here we are with Dan & Val McDonald and their daughter Sydney.  Dan was Dave's boss when he worked for Kenai Fjords Tours in Seward, AK and we got together with them when they traveled through Bend.

Here we are at Crux.  Left to right are Fabiano, Kelly, Norman, Vicki and Allen.