Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Creation of Nacreous, Previously Known as our Back Deck

Here's a photo of what our back deck looked like a month ago.  It was a nice place to have an evening meal with company, but not really a place we wanted to hangout unless we were eating.  We started talking about what we could do to make it better and then we got inspired by the fact that all the local patio stores were having their end of season sales.  With most everything 40% off we decided we might as well buy stuff now while it's cheaper and make our vision a reality.

We talked about naming our new space, which we wanted to be like a swanky private club.  Kelly came up with the name "Nacreous" which are the surreal colorful clouds we sometimes see while in Antarctica.  We found a local metal worker to make us a sign, which Kelly is hanging here and thus Nacreous was born.

We invited Amy and Norman over to check out what we had done so far.

Norman and Kelly at the grand opening of Nacreous.

Here we are with Norman enjoying our new deck lounge.  This was before the glass for our firepit table arrived.

Here's Kelly relaxing at Nacreous after we got the glass in the firepit table.

Here are a few more shots of what we created.  The sectional, table, rug and umbrella all came from Patio stores, but we created the side tables by placing blue slate slabs on top of flower pots.

We hung this decorative wall sconce to add some ambiance at night... well as these lighted birch branches.

We've already enjoyed this space with several friends.  Here's Kristen Ratcliffe.

Dave with Amy and Nichole Lasich.

Dave with Rex, Fabiano, Phillip and Pat.

Phillip, Fabiano and Pat enjoying the fire.

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