Sunday, September 22, 2013

Climbing South Sister

Thursday September 19, we left the Devil's Lake parking lot to attempt to summit the peak of South Sister.  This was forecast to be one of the last nice days of summer and it was a beauty!!!

This beautiful mossy creek flows in to Devil's Lake.

Our friend Evan Smith joined us on the hike.  Unfortunately he was still battling an illness that prevented him from making it to the top.

Kelly and Evan on the trail.

Some of the beautiful scenery along the trail.

A view of South Sister.

Looking down on Moraine Lake.

Broken Top from the South Sister Trail.

Here we are with South Sister.

The trail was lined with these interesting looking dead trees.

Kelly on the trail.

This glacial lake sits just below the summit.

Looking up the trail at the steep climb ahead.

Dave taking one of several rest stops.  It seemed like we had to stop to catch our breath and rest our legs every 30 seconds as we neared the summit.

Looking down on the glacial lake and Broken Top.

After 3 hours and 35 minutes we reached the crater rim.

Looking down on Broken Top on the left and Mt. Bachelor on the right.

We just had to walk around this ridge to reach the 10,358' summit.

This is frozen Teardrop Lake sits in the caldera of South Sister.

Here we are on the summit with North Sister in the background.  You'll also notice a fire, which was a prescribed burn taking place near the town of Sisters.

The view from the top.  The two closest peaks are Middle Sister and North Sister.  Between those is Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington is right behind North Sister and Mt. Hood is the snow capped peak to the right.

Dave crossing Teardrop Lake.

Kelly is in the middle of this photo hiking back down the trail.

Here's a panoramic shot.

Kelly on a nice flat section of trail.

Another panoramic photo of the South Sister trail.

Boulders and trees lining the trail.

Looking back at the mountain we just climbed.

Dead tree and Mt. Bachelor.

Here we are with some celebratory beers at the Elk Lake Lodge after completing the 12 mile, 4900' elevation gain South Sister hike.

We ran in to Paul...

...and Lynette at Elk Lake who were out on a motorcycle ride.

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