Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Visitors, Bend Brewfest & Portello WineCafe

Tuesday August 13th, the day after we got back from Alaska our friend Melanie came to town.  She has worked with us in Antarctica for several years, but this was her first trip to Bend.  She wisely timed her visit so she would be here for the Bend Brewfest.  She spent the first several days of her visit with Amy and then stayed with us the last three days.
Here we are with Melanie at Crux Fermentation Project.

Friday night at the Brewfest.  Here's Kelly, Dave, Melanie, Shelby, Ben, Jason & Amy.  We all work together at McMurdo.

Kelly at the Brewfest.

We also had a surprise visitor come through town on Friday.  Brandon worked with us at McMurdo several years ago and was driving through town on business.  He decided to spend the night and join us at Brewfest.  Here's Amy, Dave, Brandon, Melanie and Kelly. 

Brandon with his van on Saturday morning before he hit the road.

Saturday evening we went back to Brewfest as our friend Sam drove up from Medford to join in on the fun.  Here are Karla, Levi, Kelly and Sam.

Dave, Norman and Kelly at Brewfest Saturday night.  Brewfest was again a great experience.  This year there were over 60 different Breweries participating with over 140 we did not try them all.

Monday afternoon we went to Portello for wine happy hour.  Here's Melanie and Kelly.

Amy, Jason & Kimberly.

 Karla and Ben

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