Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Cascade Cycling Classic & P2

Tuesday July 16, was the start of the 34th annual Cascade Cycling Classic.  The first leg was a time trial ride through Tetherow, which is the subdivision across the road from us, so we walked up the hill to check it out.
Here we have a rider coming to the finish line.

Since we have always watched the riders coming across the finish line, we decided to walk up and check out where they start from this year.  Here's a team warming up and getting ready for their ride.

As the riders enter the chute they have their bikes measured in a jig and then weighed, as shown here.

Here are rider lined up in the chute awaiting their turn.

Here's a video clip of the countdown before this rider takes off.
Leaving the chute.

This rider flies by us.

Friday the 19th our friend Paul Paladino (P2) flew down from Seattle for the weekend.  Here's Norman, Dave & Paul with our floaties before hitting the river.

Saturday we spent several hours doing the Central Oregon Builders Association tour of homes.  Here are Norman and Paul at our house before we head downtown to watch the Cascade Cycling Classic Criterium.

Here's a video of Saturday nights Criterium where the riders race around the streets downtown.  It's always a fun event to watch.

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