Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Annual Camping Trip To East Lake

Thursday July 25, we packed up the car and headed down to our favorite campground in the Newberry Crater National Monument.

Here's Kelly at the beach on East Lake at the Cinderhill Campground.  Since it was over 90 this is where we spent most of our time.

Dave enjoying some time on the beach.

Another Kelly shot.

Dave resting in the hammock after getting his fill of sun.

Dave having a cocktail on the boat dock.

Kelly at our campsite.

Norman arrived later that evening.  Here he is after getting his tent set up.

Norman around the campfire.

Friday morning we sat down by the lake to have our breakfast.  Could you ask for a nicer setting?

It was a stellar day.  Here's a shot of Paulina Peak, the highest point on the caldera rim.

Dave and Norman on the beach.

This pond separates our campsite from the lake.

Before it got too hot, we did a 7 mile round trip hike up to the Cinderhill Lookout.

Norman and Kelly on the trail.

Here we are on the crater rim overlooking East Lake.

This shot shows the separation between the lake and the pond mentioned earlier.

It's amazing that these flowers can grow in what appears to be nothing put volcanic rock.

More flowers

After the hike we headed right back to the beach.  Here are Norman and Dave floating on the lake.

Norman and Dave

Norman and Kelly later that evening.

Here's a shot of the two of us at East Lake.

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