Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Annual Camping Trip To East Lake

Thursday July 25, we packed up the car and headed down to our favorite campground in the Newberry Crater National Monument.

Here's Kelly at the beach on East Lake at the Cinderhill Campground.  Since it was over 90 this is where we spent most of our time.

Dave enjoying some time on the beach.

Another Kelly shot.

Dave resting in the hammock after getting his fill of sun.

Dave having a cocktail on the boat dock.

Kelly at our campsite.

Norman arrived later that evening.  Here he is after getting his tent set up.

Norman around the campfire.

Friday morning we sat down by the lake to have our breakfast.  Could you ask for a nicer setting?

It was a stellar day.  Here's a shot of Paulina Peak, the highest point on the caldera rim.

Dave and Norman on the beach.

This pond separates our campsite from the lake.

Before it got too hot, we did a 7 mile round trip hike up to the Cinderhill Lookout.

Norman and Kelly on the trail.

Here we are on the crater rim overlooking East Lake.

This shot shows the separation between the lake and the pond mentioned earlier.

It's amazing that these flowers can grow in what appears to be nothing put volcanic rock.

More flowers

After the hike we headed right back to the beach.  Here are Norman and Dave floating on the lake.

Norman and Dave

Norman and Kelly later that evening.

Here's a shot of the two of us at East Lake.

The Cascade Cycling Classic & P2

Tuesday July 16, was the start of the 34th annual Cascade Cycling Classic.  The first leg was a time trial ride through Tetherow, which is the subdivision across the road from us, so we walked up the hill to check it out.
Here we have a rider coming to the finish line.

Since we have always watched the riders coming across the finish line, we decided to walk up and check out where they start from this year.  Here's a team warming up and getting ready for their ride.

As the riders enter the chute they have their bikes measured in a jig and then weighed, as shown here.

Here are rider lined up in the chute awaiting their turn.

Here's a video clip of the countdown before this rider takes off.
Leaving the chute.

This rider flies by us.

Friday the 19th our friend Paul Paladino (P2) flew down from Seattle for the weekend.  Here's Norman, Dave & Paul with our floaties before hitting the river.

Saturday we spent several hours doing the Central Oregon Builders Association tour of homes.  Here are Norman and Paul at our house before we head downtown to watch the Cascade Cycling Classic Criterium.

Here's a video of Saturday nights Criterium where the riders race around the streets downtown.  It's always a fun event to watch.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Visit with Rob, Trysha, Joshua & Micah

On Wednesday July 10th our Nephew Rob, his wife Trysha and their two boys Josh & Micah flew out from Indianapolis to visit us for a 5 days.  We kept pretty busy during their visit and tried to document it as much as we could with photos.
The night they arrived we had dinner at our house.  Here's Micah licking the beater after helping Uncle Kelly make whipped cream to top off our dessert.

Trysha and Rob on our deck after dinner.

Thursday morning the boys wanted to go for a run with Kelly.

After running 2 miles with Kelly, Micah decided to join his parents &Uncle Dave on their walk.

After getting in our exercise we did some shopping in downtown Bend.  Here are Micah & Josh with one of Bends art pieces.

For lunch we went to Crux Brewery for their delicious wraps.  Here are Trysha, Rob & Josh.

Dave & Kelly with Micah.

Josh & Micah with the keg man art at Crux.

Since the temperature was in the 90's we decided to spend the afternoon on the Deschutes River.  Here's Dave with Micah on his paddle board and Rob to the right starting out on his knees in prayer.

Dave & Micah paddle boarding.

Rob is getting the hang of it.

Dave & Micah

Rob paddle boarding on the crowded Deschutes River.

We switched off upstream and Kelly & Josh took over the boards.

Here's Trysha floating on the Deschutes.

Kelly paddling past a goose, with Josh in the background.

Josh did a great job on his board and never fell once.

Kelly on his paddle board.

Another shot of Josh

While the paddle boards were being returned, Micah did a little swimming.

We then all floated down the river together.  Here's Josh with Trysha.

Kelly floating the Deschutes.

Micah with Rob

Before dinner that night we made mango margaritas for the adults and the kids had virgin drinks.

Micah & Josh with their virgin margaritas.

Dinner out on the deck.

Josh with Uncle Dave.

Friday we did some shopping in the Old Mill District.  The boys were more interested in playing on the rocks.

Micah, Josh and Kelly looking through a portal in the Old Mill District.

Josh decided to rest by the river in this hoop, which is part of the fly fishing casting course.

Micah came to join him.

Saturday morning we went hiking at Smith Rock.

The Miller family prior to the hike.

Trysha, Josh, Micah, Rob, Kelly & Dave at Smith Rock.

Kelly's pointing out some trees he helped plant after a fire here in 1996.

Micah & Josh are checking out a Gopher Snake that this park volunteer had with him.

Josh is getting a feel for what it's like to climb at Smith Rock.

Micah gets in on the action.

Kelly & the boys on the trail, which follows the Crooked River.

Micah in a little cave.

Micah & Josh at Smith Rock.  If you enlarge this photo, you can see a climber on the canyon wall to the right of where the boys are sitting.  People come from all over the world to climb here.

Walking down the trail.

The Miller's at Smith Rock.

Micah loved climbing on the rocks.

Josh & Micah with Uncle Kelly.

There's beauty everywhere you look here.

Micah & Josh among some rock formations. 

After we got back from Smith Rock, we all went downtown to Bend Summerfest.  Here the boys got to get harnessed up and do some climbing on this climbing wall.

Josh scaled the wall pretty quickly.

Micah did well having never climbed before.

He made it to the top and rang the bell. 

They also enjoyed playing in the bounce house.

Josh in the bounce house at Bend Summerfest.

Sunday Morning Dave took Josh out for his first real mountain bike ride.

Here's another video of Josh on the trail.  He did a great job considering he was riding Uncle Kelly's bike.

Kelly & Micah were playing a game of Categories Sunday night and here's a little clip of their game.  The category was football teams, which Kelly had a little trouble with.