Sunday, June 23, 2013

Visiting Family in Indianapolis

We left bright and early Friday June 7th and drove Mom Haney to her Cochlear appointment in Indy.  We spent the afternoon with our Niece Megan and her family.  Here's Bennett swinging at a nearby park.

Niece Alison and her family came over for dinner at Megan's.  Here are some photos of the kids playing.

The Wilson's take on the Witmer's at badminton.

Anson & Bennett.

Kylie & Avery having a good laugh over a song they made up.

The boys on the swing set.

Avery & Kylie on the swing set.

Kelly, Mom Haney and Megan.

Anson & Bennett.

Avery & Kylie.

Saturday morning we went to Josh's baseball game.  Here he is playing left field. 

Dave & Micah watching Josh's game.

Josh waiting for some action.

Here we are with Micah.

Josh at bat.

Josh had a large following at the game...Lynn, Ron, Jan, Trysha, Micah, Judy, Mom Haney and Kelly.

That afternoon was Micah's game.  Here he is concentrating on the ball.

Micah watches a high pitch.

Here's Micah running to home plate to score a run.

Micah playing shortstop.

After the games we went downtown to where our Nephew Rob was manning a booth for his Church at the Indianapolis Gay Pride event.

Micah was watching people try to kick a woman's shoe to see how far he could get it.  He thought it looked easy and that he could do a better job than the people he was watching so we all went down to give it a try.  As shown in this video, he soon found out it wasn't easy at all.

Here's Kelly's attempt...he did so bad he had to do it twice.

Micah made a second attempt and didn't really do much better.

Josh did the best of all of us, which makes his video really short.

Mom Haney, Trysha and Josh as Micah has fallen asleep on their laps after a long day.

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