Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Haney Family Gathering in Goshen, IN

May 20th we flew back to the Midwest for our yearly trip to visit Dave's family.  Memorial Day weekend we had a family get together for those who could attend, at the clubhouse where Mom Haney lives.

Great Uncle Dave with Carter, Hannah, Kylie and Anson sitting on his lap.

Holly, Nick, Ryan, Alison, Eric & Courtney in the foreground.

The Indy 500 was on TV that day, which captured the attention of some.

Kylie, Hannah & Carter enjoying lunch.

Morgan is happy with her food.

Carter, Morgan, Anson, Kylie & Hannah playing Memory.

Andrea & Cinda

When the kids started getting bored we had them make different shapes on the floor, which they seemed to enjoy.  Clockwise starting with Carter in the blue Cubs shirt, then Anson, Preston, Kylie, Hannah, Addyson & Morgan.

Here they are making a smiley face.

Later on we went to a park where the kids enjoyed playing on the playground equipment.





Addyson was serving pancakes made out of wood chips.



Later on we played a fun game of kickball.

Playing kickball with the kids.

Great Uncle Kelly playing with Morgan & Addyson later that evening.

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