Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cousins, Friends, Mountains and Mother's Day

With Dave's Mom visiting, he tracked down her first cousin Janet Delacour who has lived in Bend for over 35 years.  Dave had never met her before and his Mom hadn't seen her in over 40 years, so they had a nice time visiting on Tuesday afternoon.  Dave found out he now has several cousins living in Bend.
First Cousins Janet Gardner Delecour and Marilyn Gardner Haney.

Our McMurdo friend Jason Swindell has been in Bend the past few weeks visiting Amy, so we all got together with Norman on Thursday night.

Friday afternoon Dave took his Mom for a drive up the Cascade Lakes Highway.  Here's Mt. Bachelor with a frozen Sparks Lake in the foreground.

Dave & his Mom with South Sister and Broken Top in the background.

South Sister on a beautiful Spring day.

Kelly's parents came down on Friday for the weekend.  After doing some shopping on Saturday we took them to Crux Fermentation Project for lunch.

Mom Haney with a sculpture made of beer kegs and buckets. 

The temperature reached the mid 80's on Saturday so we cooled off with some Mango Margaritas.

Playing with phones and enjoying drinks on the deck. 

Enjoying a nice evening on the deck with Mom & Dad Cheek and Mom Haney.

We made our annual Mother's Day brunch Sunday morning with the traditional Momosas.  Here's Kelly with his Mom....

...and Dave with his Mom.

Kelly, Ray, Kathy, Marilyn and Dave in front of our blooming Chokecherry Tree.  FYI, Dave isn't really that tall, he's just on the uphill slope.

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