Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Last Few Weeks at McMurdo

Saturday February 9th our friend Sheri hosted a British Gin & Tonic party.  Prior to the party she sent out several emails about the origins of gin, tonic, when they were first used together and the use of lime as a garnish.  Everyone was encouraged to dress and speak as Brits from the early British Empire days and we were all given British names.

Here are Susie (British name Beatrice) and Candy (British name Felicity)

We thought it would be fun to show the wide range of height differences at the party from Bryan at 6'4", to Sandwich, Sheri and down to Candy at 4' 10-1/2". 

Liz (Louisa), Kelly (Clive) and Kathy (Helena)

After the Gin & Tonic Party we went to one of our favorite parties of the year, the Waste Barn Party.  Here are Kelly, Melanie, Tim & Twan.

James is the head of the Waste Department at McMurdo and every year he hosts this party and entertains us all with live music from his band.  Here he and Kate are singing "Gangnam Style" with Eli on drums, Kevin on guitar and Neel on keyboards.  It was a great night of fun and dancing.

The Russian Icebreaker Vladimir Ignatuk was hired again this season to cut a channel in the sea ice and keep it open during the arrival of our resupply ships.

Here's the fuel tanker Maersk Peary, which offloaded 5.9 million gallons of fuel, which included Diesel, Mogas (unleaded) and Aviation fuel.

The cruise ship Bremen anchored just off shore for a few hours while one of their passenger sought medical attention at the McMurdo clinic.

Kelly took this panoramic photo of our resupply ship the Ocean Giant.  It brought 679 containers filled with food & supplies to get us through another season. 

 Here's another shot of the Ocean Giant.  Check out the link to our friend Randy Thompson's "Joy of Discovery" blog for some great photos and explanations of what all happens during this vessel offload process.  You can find his blog listed on the right hand side of this page under "Friends and Families Blogs.

On Wednesday February 20th the C-17 landed on a beautiful sunny day to take us back to Christchurch.

 Randy was the shuttle driver who transported us from town out the airfield.

Here's Kelly on the right walking to the plane.  It was such a nice day we didn't have to wear our Parka's.  After a long six months of work we were very excited to be leaving!!!

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