Monday, January 28, 2013

Cool Scenery, Magic Carpet Rides and the Prime Minister of New Zealand..

Mt. Erebus and fog.

One of many Magic Carpet rides because the snow roads became impassable.  We would drive the cargo delta onto this sled to be pulled by a tracked vehicle called a Challenger.

Another Magic Carpet ride.

White Island.

Looking out the window of the Delta while being pulled on the Magic Carpet.

Airfield visitor.

This clip is of a Combat Offload.  That's when the Loadmaster opens the aircraft ramp and pushes the cargo out onto the ice.  It's good practice for them because they do this kind of offload at remote field camps.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key and his wife with the LC130 crew that flew them to McMurdo Station.
Open water off Hut Point.

It's peaceful and quiet at 3am.



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