Friday, November 2, 2012

Winfly Tour of Rooms and Emperor Penguins

Our cargo crew decided the weekend before the first "mainbody" flight arrived to host a "Tour of Rooms".  Each room supplied a theme and beverage.  The tour started in our room with Gin and Tonics, wine, cheese and crackers.  Above are Kelly and Lisa.

Twan, John, Kristy, Travis and Jared.

The next stop was Travis and Jared's room.  It was done in a "Ski Chalet" theme even with snow flakes. 

Next stop was Lisa and Kristy's room.  They had several drink options and games.  Here's Dave, Cory and Travis.

The whole group in a twin bed.

This is a snow blast used to clear the snow roads and the airfield.

We had 9 Emperor Penguins stop by the airfield.  This was the first time in 13 seasons that Dave has seen Emperor Penguins that aren't molting.

Just hanging out!

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