Friday, November 2, 2012

The Start of Mainbody & Dave's Birthday

This big rig is the Kress truck with the passage box on the trailer.

C-17 coming in to land.

The C-17 on the ground with the Kress pulling up to pick up the passengers.

Our friend Pam Hill did the decorating of the office for Dave's Birthday.

She makes a new sign every year to put on his computer

Dave had two Birthday cakes this year.  The delicious Chocolate one Pam made and the other was a Carrot Cake made by the bakers in the galley.

Kelly and Pam serving up the Birthday Cake.

Liz and Alex.

Dave, Candy and Twan.

Kim, Susie and Julian.

Pete sitting on the toilet eating cake since there were no more seats in our room.

Dave visiting with friends

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