Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Randy's Apple Butter Making Weekend.

Friday August 10th we went to Randy's in Monroe, WA for his annual Apple Butter Making Party.  Since we were there the day before, we got to help him get set-up for the big day.  We also got to spend some time with our friend Alan from Wisconsin and his friend Robin, Randy's parents Jan & Roma Jo and his Brother Robin who were also arrived on Friday.
Here we are setting up the tents.  We put them up not so much for rain, but for the shade because it was to be sunny and hot.

One tent is up and we're working on the second

Randy & Robin with Dave opening the cans of applesauce on Saturday morning.

Roma Jo stirring the apple butter as Robin supervises.

Kelly gets a turn stirring as Josh & Elekta watch.

Robin & Alan watching the festivities.

Diane takes her turn as Lexi, Syd & Jan stand by.

Diane stirring with Rich, Randy, Lexi, Syd & Jan in the background.

Rich takes his turn at the kettle.

Jan visiting with Steve Mock.

Lexi & Syd try a little apple butter on a cracker.

Diane tries a sample too...

Jan is checking the apple butter to see if it's ready to start canning.

It looks like it's ready...

Randy & Robin pull out the paddle as Jan scraps off the apple butter

This group is ready to start canning.

Scooping it out of the kettle.

The canning process in full swing.

Randy, Jan, Robin and Josh.

A table full of filled jars.

Randy made a sign for all the participants to sign.

Matt getting Henry some snacks.

Henry's in the car and ready to head home after a long day.

Kelly was texted this photo after the Graber's got home of Syd enjoying her jar of apple butter.

Steve, Josh & Jan Mock ready for the drive back to Dillion, MT.

Randy, Roma Jo, Jan & Robin seeing the Mocks off.

It was a fun day with us making 108 pints of apple butter.  Some thought it was the best batch ever.

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