Tuesday, September 11, 2012

McMurdo Station Once Again.

We actually flew to McMurdo twice this trip south.  The first time on August 20th we flew the 5 hours one way only to circle for half an hour and not be able to land due to bad weather...so we had another 5 hours of flight time back to Christchurch.  Besides the 10.5 hours in the air, we also had 4 hours of pre and post flight prep.  Three days later we arrived in Antarctica for Kelly's 7th season and Dave's 13th season.
On board the C-17 is Kelly, Pete, Lisa and Twan.

Dave, Lisa and Twan with Pete's hands behind Dave giving him antlers.

Here are a few McMurdo sunsets from the past week.  This photo was taken over two weeks after our arrival and this was the first day we saw the actual sun.

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