Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drew & Nichole's Wedding

Friday July 27, we drove to Stevenson, WA in the Columbia Gorge for the wedding of our friends Drew Coulton & Nichole Alhadeff.  On the way there we took a route around Mt. Hood we had never taken before.  It was a beautiful drive with lots of great views of the mountain.

We stayed at the same hotel as a lot of our friends from Antarctica, so we all convoyed to the wedding site.  Here are Bill, Pete, Kim, Amy, Bija, Rebecca, Elizabeth & Kelly.

Walking down to the ceremony.

The ceremony site.

Natalie and Amy with Amalie.

Amy, Summer, Bija & Jolene.

Nichole and Drew with their wedding officiant.

The Kiss!!!

Someone handed out fake mustaches to the Antarctic folks to wear when Drew & Nichole walked down the aisle.  Here's Natalie and Chris with his purple stash.

Here's a group of us from Antarctica wearing our mustaches.

Zim & Teresa's son Owen got a mustache makeover.

Brad & Dave

Connie & Elizabeth

Billy T., Dave, Chris & Kelly

Kim, Bija, Amy, Rebecca & Elizabeth

The ceremony and reception were in this beautiful setting in the Columbia Gorge.  This is a shot of everyone who had worked in Antarctica with Drew & Nichole.

Michael, Amy & Kelly at the reception.

The wonderful couple.

Drew made this stand that held the wedding cake and cupcakes.

More food on the dessert line.

Billy, Pete & Kim at the reception.

Kelly spent a lot of time dancing with Amalie.

Drew & Nichole during a special wedding dance.

Saturday afternoon they had a picnic at Mt. Tabor, which is a city park in Portland.  Here we are with Elizabeth and Amy.

Folks enjoying the picnic.

Some people played a different version of croquet using a sledge hammer and bowling balls.

Here's Brian showing his form.

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