Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pre & Post Wedding Visitors

Drew & Nichole's wedding brought several friends we work with in Antarctica to Bend since they were in the area for the ceremony.  We met some of them the week before the wedding at the  Les Schwab Amphitheater for free Sunday music.  Here are Susan & Amy

Jay, Andrew, Levi & Karla

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon with friends.

After the music we went to Good Life Brewing Co. for beers and dinner.  Here are Jay, Susan and Karla.

Karla, Andrew, Levi & Amy at Good Life.

After the wedding our friend Brian Johnson came to Bend for a few days.  Here we are with he and Amy.

Drew & Nichole's Wedding

Friday July 27, we drove to Stevenson, WA in the Columbia Gorge for the wedding of our friends Drew Coulton & Nichole Alhadeff.  On the way there we took a route around Mt. Hood we had never taken before.  It was a beautiful drive with lots of great views of the mountain.

We stayed at the same hotel as a lot of our friends from Antarctica, so we all convoyed to the wedding site.  Here are Bill, Pete, Kim, Amy, Bija, Rebecca, Elizabeth & Kelly.

Walking down to the ceremony.

The ceremony site.

Natalie and Amy with Amalie.

Amy, Summer, Bija & Jolene.

Nichole and Drew with their wedding officiant.

The Kiss!!!

Someone handed out fake mustaches to the Antarctic folks to wear when Drew & Nichole walked down the aisle.  Here's Natalie and Chris with his purple stash.

Here's a group of us from Antarctica wearing our mustaches.

Zim & Teresa's son Owen got a mustache makeover.

Brad & Dave

Connie & Elizabeth

Billy T., Dave, Chris & Kelly

Kim, Bija, Amy, Rebecca & Elizabeth

The ceremony and reception were in this beautiful setting in the Columbia Gorge.  This is a shot of everyone who had worked in Antarctica with Drew & Nichole.

Michael, Amy & Kelly at the reception.

The wonderful couple.

Drew made this stand that held the wedding cake and cupcakes.

More food on the dessert line.

Billy, Pete & Kim at the reception.

Kelly spent a lot of time dancing with Amalie.

Drew & Nichole during a special wedding dance.

Saturday afternoon they had a picnic at Mt. Tabor, which is a city park in Portland.  Here we are with Elizabeth and Amy.

Folks enjoying the picnic.

Some people played a different version of croquet using a sledge hammer and bowling balls.

Here's Brian showing his form.

Annual East Lake Camping Trip

Friday July 20, we did our annual camping trip to East Lake in the Newberry Crater south of Bend.  Dave White couldn't join us this year, so we had Norman's company all to our self.  Unlike our trips there in the past, this year it was cool and windy, so our time on the beach was spent in layered cloths not bathing suits.
Norman & Kelly on the beach at East Lake




Last year at East Lake we experienced the transformation of thousands of tadpoles to frogs.  This year it was nymphs to dragonflies.  These nymphs were crawling out of the lake all around us so Norman put one on Dave's bag so we could watch the transformation take place.  Here it is crawling out of it's nymph skin which is also called an exuvia.

This is what it looked like after it left it's exuvia, which is shown on the left.

  Here it's wings are growing amazingly fast. and seemingly out of nowhere.

Here it's wings are almost fully grown and about 20 minutes after it left it's exuvia it flew away!

Norman and Dave back at the campsite.

Norman & Kelly around the campfire.

Cascade Cycling Classic

Tuesday July 17th we walked to Tetherow, the Subdivision across the street from us to watch the first stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic.  
Here's Kelly watching the bikers cross the finish line.

Biker riding up a hill in Tetherow

Here's a video from the Criterium where they raced around the streets in downtown Bend on Saturday night.  It shows just how fast these guys are going.

Making the turn back on to Wall St.

The group coming down Idaho Ave. and turning on to Wall St.